Top 7 Apps for Drone Pilot

Do you have a new drone that you’d be piloting soon? Want to learn some of the apps you can rely on for a better and smooth experience? You are in the right place. We are going to highlight for you some of the best smartphone apps that can help you keep track of things like weather, check no-fly zones, correct image distortion and guide you in finding the best spots to take a shot

Here is a roundup of the 7 best apps that can improve your drone flying experience

  1. 1. UAV Forecast

UAV Forecast is a free smartphone app that you can rely on when you want to know how the weather will look like. Basically, the app lets you know if the day will be good for flying or what time will be suitable for clear shots.

UAV Forecast breaks down for you the wind speeds, cloud cover, visibility, the chance of rain and local temperature. The app also provides hourly forecasts-a feature that helps you plan accordingly.

UAV also a sports the KP Index feature that lets you know if solar activity will hamper your onboard electronics, GPS, and radio control signals. This is rarely a problem to worry about unless if you will be flying your drone at night or extreme altitudes. The App runs well on both Android and iOS phones.

  1. Hover

Hover is basically like having a veteran pilot next to you-but in an app form. The app executes the same functions as UAV Forecast but with a different interface and a few more functionalities.

Hover enables you to store your flight information such as the time of flight, the flight zones, battery usage and a few other things. This data can be generated as a report and send to your mailbox. The apps No-Fly-Zone is quite useful. It pulls up data from FAA, National Parks and military zones and lets you know if you are flying in a restricted zone.

The map data from this app is more helpful, precise and extensive than the one that comes from drones manufacturers. Lastly, the app also has a newsfeed feature that lets you know what major drone websites have published. The App runs well on both Android and iOS phones.

  1. Sun Surveyor

If you want to take stunning photos, you need this app to keep tabs on the sun’s location. It basically shows you where the sun is in the morning, mid-day and the evening. This helps you pick out the spots with the best light for great shots.

There is a free version of the app on both Android and iPhone OS. However, some features are limited. To experience premium features, you’ll need to upgrade the app to a paid version.

  1. 4. Flightradar24

This app is an ultimate flying partner. It keeps you informed about thousands of aircrafts flying nearby to avoid a collision.  Drones are supposed to fly below 400ft while planes are expected to maintain a safe altitude of 1000ft or 500ft unless when landing. Nevertheless, it’s always important to use this app to avoid any accidents.

Why use this app when everyone has designated flying limits?

Some events force aircraft pilots to fly low. Also, most police choppers tend to fly low and to avoid confusion, you can use Flightradar24. This will help you delay your drone until there is no plane nearby. The app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

  1. Google Earth

Google Earth helps you scout for exciting zones to fly in. The App makes you ready before you can fly to any region. You will be able to find safe spots to take off, a place to park your car or a shortcut to a certain fantastic beach. In a nutshell, this app orients you with a particular place before you can go there for the real work.

  1. SKRWT

SKRWT (pronounced “screw it”) is an app that lets you make precise adjustments to your drone taken photos. If you don’t know yet, photos taken by drones suffer from some kind of distortion-which also varies depending on your camera. To straighten up such pictures, you need this app. The app was developed by an avid photographer so you shouldn’t worry about its effectiveness. The app is available for Android and iPhone smartphones.

  1. DJI+Discover

DJI+Discover brings all the drone pilots together. This apps benefits people who are looking to sell drone services and those who are getting started. It’s all about bringing like-minded people together so they can share ideas and improve their craft. So, if you are tired of being alone and need to social with like-minded people near you, DJI+Discover is the way to go. The app runs well on both Android and Apple smartphones.

We hope the above seven apps will help you improve your flying experience. Feel free to share with us other apps you think drone pilots can benefit from.


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