How Generation Z is changing technology world

Generation Z (also known as iGen) is a force to be reckoned with. These are the people who have been born and raised in an era of media and internet sophistication. Let’s back up a little. Generation Z refers to individuals who were born in 1996 and thereafter. These youngsters are internet savvy and app-friendly. They were shaped by technology and are in turn shaping it.

Generation Z is more about close contact. They grew up in days when the internet speed was way better and are now remarking the technology to suit their needs. They value closeness than anything. Instead of broadcasting themselves on sites like Twitter and Facebook, they are using apps that send a message and it’s done; no paper trail left behind. The baby Boomers value face to face communication, generation X prefer a phone call or email, while the millennials still cherish some of the major social media.

When it comes to owning your first phone, Gen Z suggested 13 is an appropriate age while generation X and millennial stuck with the conventional 18 years. Again when it comes to modes of payment, Gen X feel insecure using their credit cards online and preferred use of mobile apps. The other generations were still holding strong to the methods that are slowly becoming outdated.

Where is all these driving to?

One thing is evident with Generation Z; they are influencers. They are consumers. They make a jump without hesitation. They take a small idea or something that was neglected into something big. Millennials and former generations had a hard time becoming celebrities via online platforms; the same cannot be said for these vibrant youngsters. They spend most of their time either posting videos on YouTube or improving their Photoshop skills. To cut to the chase, let’s look at ways the youngsters are changing technology.

6 Ways Generation Z is changing technology world

  • Tremendous consumption

Companies are forced to innovate when there is a ready consumer. When a new product comes out, the youngsters are always at the forefront to grab it. Once they have explore the product, they wait for the next big thing. They are all about “what’s trending.” It’s this kind of consumerist culture that most economies rely on to advance themselves. Without heavy consumption, the need for innovation lacks meaning.

  • Instant demand

Call it lack of patience, but Gen Zers and innovators see it in a different light. The youngsters will not wait for the DVD to arrive when the movie can be streamed right here and now. This explains why the likes of Netflix, Hulu and other giant tech companies are doing better. Instant gratification shapes the tech world by encouraging business to innovate at a fast pace.

  • Generational divide

Opinions about different technologies vary from age group to another. Majorly, the previous generations tend to be skeptic towards certain developments advocating for moderation. The youngsters on the other hand welcome innovation with two hands. They buy in impulse thereby creating a channel for further improvements.

  • Social media influence

The current world revolves around social media. If you can get your company name out on the internet and get people talking about it, your brand will attract many clients and prosper. If you check closely, of the three active generations, only Z dominates the internet. They post and post and post. They upload videos, pictures and share posts they like. It’s through such activities that new ideas are revolutionized.

  • Independent coders

Today’s customers can voice their complaints to companies about a certain product and have their demands met. What they don’t realize is they can create those product themselves. There is plenty of info on the internet that one can use to learn anything.

The youngsters love apps and through the many coding platforms online, they have learned to create their own apps thereby contributing to improvements in the programming world.

Generation Z are risk takers. They hunger for what is good and in doing so, they propel technology forwards. So, what next do you think the youngsters will touch and influence?




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