High-end Smart Watches: how to choose the best one?

Wrist wear has undergone massive transformation to provide more services than the traditional time telling and related features. The current smart watches can sync with your smartphone, tablets, computers and other devices right from your wrist thus keeping you up-to-date with everything-whether work related or not. Let’s have a look at the criteria for choosing the best high-end smartwatches.

How to choose high-end watches

If you are new to smart watches or just need something to give you a head start, the following pointers will help you choose the best model(s).

Device compatibility

Whether you are a sportsperson or not, you most definitely would love to have a smart watch that is compatible with at least one of your devices. This will allow you to transfer data between the devices for either storage or analyzing.

Most Android watches from Samsung, Huawei, LG and other companies are compatible with smartphones whose Android version is 4.3 and above. Apple watches work strictly with iPhones. Currently, this seems to be the trend with many companies. However, some Android watches can work with various iPhones, but some features like adding apps won’t be available. Make use of Google to find out if your smartphone is compatible a certain watch before buying it.

Bottom line: Before you buy a smart watch, make sure it works well with one of your devices. Some technologically advanced timepieces double up as phones though they are rare.


There is no debating here. High-end smart watches must be rich in color and be brighter than other standard devices. The two main displays you should expect from your advanced watch are LCD screen or AMOLED. However, this better display capacity compromises on the battery life of the device.

Color display drains the battery quickly. That is why some watches have been designed to go off when idle to save charge. This means you can’t see time unless you wake it up. If you wish to keep using the device to see time, you need to buy a watch that dims the screen slightly or kills other functions after some time leaving only time.

The number of Apps

There are many reasons why you are paying a lot of money for a high-end timepiece. One of the reasons is so you can access as many apps as possible. Apple watches lead when it comes to accessing many apps. Some common options in their store include Shazam, CNN, Uber, and Instagram.

High-end Android devices too let you access as many apps as you want. The good thing about these devices is you can download the apps from the smart watch itself-no need to use your smartphone.

Special features

Maybe this part should have been at the top considering many people buy smart watches based on the presence of unique features. No one gives a damn about battery life; how many smart watches or phones can last four days on a full charge? Very few. I guess that explains why we walk around with all manner of power banks.

Some of the main features you will get in high-end smartwatches include:

  • Activity monitoring functions- this includes a heart rate monitor, pedometer, sleep tracker, GPS and other reliable activity trackers.
  • Maintain communication-high-end devices lets you reply your messages and emails as well as receive your calls. Most of these watches don’t need you to have the phone with you.
  • Notifications and alerts-advanced timepieces let you know when there is a new call, SMS or email that needs to be attended to.

Design and personalization

Without a doubt, high-end smartwatches have stunning designs. They are comfortable, stylish, colorful and slim. Unlike other watches, these leave room for personalization. You can swap the straps with other third party options.

Battery life

Just to reiterate what was said earlier on, advanced smart watches drain charge quickly. Some companies are working to sort this out. Nevertheless, a good watch should last a day or two when fully charged. Also, go for a watch that uses USB for charging as it’s easier to get one.

Now that you know the criteria for choosing the best high-end watches, go ahead and pick something that will work for you.

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