Best Budget Smart Watches of 2017

Smartwatches are increasingly becoming popular as more and more cool features are being packed into them. However, with new features comes new prices that most of us can’t afford. If a watch is going for a whopping $200, some of us might consider buying a tablet with many features at a lower price. If you have this sort of thinking, then a cheaper smartwatch is exactly what you need.

It goes without saying that more affordable smart watches come with some features missing. You will either find them without a heart rate monitor, NFC or their operating systems are of a lower version. Nevertheless, they still sport some decent functions that make them worth purchasing. Before we look at the best budget Smart Watches of 2017, let’s go through some of the important buying information.

What makes a good budget smartwatch?

When you are looking for a good budget smartwatch, some of the things you look for include how many smartphone functionalities it has, how well and fast it executes it functions and of course, the style. After all, it’s a bling, and as such, it needs to look attractive.

Also, compatibility with your phone can be advantageous. Some watches’ support Android and iPhone OS while others support both operating systems. Another important aspect that cannot be left out is the battery life. A budget smart watch has limited features, and therefore, its battery life should compensate for that.

For fitness buffs, a heart rate monitor, sleep tracker and perhaps a GPS may be a good addition, but for budget buys, you are advised to keep your expectations to a minimum. Nevertheless, some watches might just surprise you by working efficiently.

Now, let have a look at some of the best budget smart watches of 2017

  1. IRONLINK Smartwatch GT08

If you own an Android smartphone, perhaps IRONLINK could be its best companion. The watch is fully touch enabled and runs on a standard 1.54” display. Its interior is embedded with an internal microphone to allow you make voice calls or reply to messages. The watch can be connected to your smartphone via a Bluetooth. This enables you to unlock phone features like calls, emails, social media and even a remote camera.

Ironlink GT08 can also monitor sleep, play music, set reminders amongst other things. Its functions, however, are limited when paired with an iOS smartphone.

  1. Martian Watches Notifier Smartwatch

Do you love quartz watch? If you do then this excellent piece of art will light up your face. The watch mainly functions as a notifier letting you view missed calls, social media updates, news updates, etc. it’s not packed with many features, but it has an excellent battery life. To charge the lithium-ion battery, use the USB cable that it comes with.

The Martian Smartwatch has one of the best display screens with impeccable resolution. This means you won’t struggle to read it even in low light. The watch is compatible with a few selected iOS and Android devices. Nevertheless, if you own the latest smartphone, then you should not worry about connectivity issues.

  1. StarryBay Smart Watch

At approximately $50, you can get yourself StarryBay Smart Watch. The watch is good for your everyday needs. Some of its main specs include a full color 1.54” display screen, calendar, sleep monitor, Bluetooth enabled, and fully supports all Android devices. If you connect it to the phone, you can access some features like calls, SMS, and camera. The watch’s compatibility with iOS is somehow limited.

StarryBay Smart Watch is very easy to operate. If you love sports, you can get news updates via the Fundo App on the watch.

  1. Sony SmartWatch US version 1

If you are a Sony fan, the distinctive styling of Sony SmartWatch US version 1 will certainly blow your mind away. Although among the budget buys, this watch has a thinner style, 1.3” multi-touch OLED screen that is bright and easy to navigate, and an OS that can connect to any Android device.

The watch allows you to play music, reply texts, answer calls and a few other things. Its apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store. While the expandability of this watch is limited, its price is something to smile about.

  1. Samsung Gear Fit Smartwatch

For just a few extra bucks above the $100 mark and you can enjoy the unique styling of Samsung Gear Fit Smartwatch. Wondering why we included it in this list yet it’s above $100? Well, the watch offers a bit much for less.

Besides its curved futuristic design, this watch sports a Super AMOLED 1.84 screen (offering clarity beyond what you are used to), a fitness gear, Fit SM-R350 to track your fitness goals with a real time coaching to assist you to hit your targets. The timepiece is compatible with many Samsung devices and a few other Android gadgets.

With this smart watch, you can receive your calls read and answer texts and emails. It’s a good fitness companion and offers a lot at its price point.

  1. Pebble Time Smartwatch

Pebble Time is a couple of bucks more than most watches listed here, but its price lies around the $100 mark. Pebble has a lot to offer without the need to spend an arm and a leg. First, it comes in red, white and black colors to allow you choose what you want. You can view your notification or even get notifications for incoming texts and emails. The Pebble Health App checks and records your fitness data.

Pebble watch monitors sleep patterns through its sleep tracker. It’s suitable for swimmers as its water resistant (up to 30m deep). The built-in microphone lets you make voice notes or reply to your messages. If you want to load it with apps, take advantage of its Pebble app store.


So, if you’ve been doing the rounds looking for the best budget Smart Watches of 2017, this list will surely help you. A piece of advice, going for a budget watch does not mean restricting yourself to a smartwatch worth $15. So when you are looking for a cheaper watch, make sure you don’t go too low.


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