10 Most admired IT companies in the world

For the previous ten years or so, Information technology has grown exponentially. This sector is currently the heartbeat of many businesses. Each day the demand for IT services keep rising leading to the creation of new services like cloud computing. Any IT company that was well prepared for the future that is today is now bustling in jubilation.

The most admired IT companies of today didn’t start on a silver platter. They went through dark tunnels, survived the economic downtimes and became what they are today. Companies like Microsoft began in the days when people never cared to know how a computer would help their lives. But they kept moving forward, and now we appreciate their work. Without further ado, let have a look at some of the most admired IT companies in the world.

  1. Apple Inc

Apple is almost at the top when it comes to the most profitable IT companies in the world. Since its inception in 1976, the company has managed to put its strong foot forward resulting in continued success year after year. Apple products are cherished all over the world. Even those who don’t own them admit they are classic pieces of art.

Apple’s current market value is said to be $741.8 billion.

  1. Microsoft

All of us are associated with Microsoft whether accidentally or intentionally. The giant Windows company is the dominant provider of operating systems for computers, tablets, and phones. They also offer office software among other services to enable the smooth running of computers.

Microsoft was launched in 1975 by the efforts of Bill Gates and Paul Allen. The company has about 116,000 employees around the world. Its market value is currently estimated at $340.8 billion.

  1. 3. Facebook

In social networking, no company has a cult-like following like Facebook does. Since its inception in 2004, Facebook has always been recording higher level of profit. In 2015, the company’s earnings increased by 17% thanks to the introduction of new features like live video.

Facebook has become a medium for businesses to advertise themselves. So many people also earn from the platform through PPC programs. Facebook’s current population is at 1.86 billion. Its market value is estimated to be $231.6 billion.

  1. Oracle

Oracle develops computer hardware and software. The firm started in 1977 and is headquartered in California. Currently, the company’s fortunes come from their cloud computing services. It’s their efficiency in providing cloud computing services that make the firm highly admired. The company serves over a half a million clients worldwide.

Its current market value is estimated to be $187.6 billion.


  1. Samsung Electronics

Like Apple, Samsung is known worldwide. It’s one of the most admired companies in the world due to their tenacious efforts to invent many products. Samsung is divided into three or rather, runs three divisions: mobile communications, information technology, and consumer electronics. Its sales increased by 6.5% in 2015 while profits improved by 2%.

Samsung’s Galaxy devices are currently distributed in over 125 countries, and the figure is expected to shoot in coming years. The current market value of the company is said to be around $199.4 billion.

  1. DXC.Technology

DXC.Technology is a new name in IT market but the two companies that merged to form it have had impressive records in providing top notch services. DXC was born in April 2017 from Computer Science Corporation and HP Enterprises.

Computer Science Corporation (CSC) is one of the companies that pioneered information technology. Very many industries including IBM, NASA and Honeywell relied on its services. HPE, on the other hand, is an old hand when it comes to producing some of the best, sleekest and durable PCs. Before they parted ways with HP, the parent company, the two were known for revolutionizing the way people use PCs

Currently DXC.Technology (HPE & CSC) serves industries like banking, insurance, capital markets, automotive, aerospace& defense, media & entertainment, communications, consumer products, energy, Etc. Since DXC.Technology is a combination of two giant industries, we are looking forward to some of the best IT services ever.

  1. Cognizant Technology Solutions

Many things make Cognizant a widely admired IT company. First, this company deals majorly IT services that most businesses ache for. These services revolve around social, mobility, analytics and cloud computing systems. Entities that benefit a lot from them include business consulting, business processes, HCM, Infrastructure services, etc.

Secondly, the company has one of the largest numbers of employees across the world. They total up to 230,000 plus. CSC closely competes with Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, etc.

  1. Accenture

Though a new IT player, its impact has already been felt in many parts of the world. Accenture’s services span beyond information technology. They also offer outsourcing and consultation services. The company’s number of employees is well over 370, 000 and are spread across the world.

Accenture runs itself through five main branches namely:

  • Accenture Operations
  • Accenture Consulting
  • Accenture Technology
  • Accenture Digital
  • Accenture Strategy

Companies that benefit much from Accenture are those that deal with finance, banking, automotive, media, health, retail natural resources and several others.

  1. INTEL

Intel is the world’s best and largest chipmaker that supplies chips for most devices in the market. Companies like Apple, Samsung, and Lenovo fit their devices with Intel’s chips. Besides that, Intel’s company culture is something that many of its employees love. The company has many programs that are aimed at motivating their staff. As of 2016, the company’s revenue was said to be $59.4 billion.

  1. 10. IBM

Hell yeah, how can this list end without mentioning IBM? Saving the best for last, right? There is one thing that is unique with IBM; the company has managed to sail through all the economic storms by reinventing itself every other time. This is why it’s highly adored despite providing some of the best IT services.

IBM use to make PCs before it sold them to Lenovo in order to concentrate fully on IT services. Currently, the company offers the following IT services:

  • Data & Analytics
  • Business consulting
  • Business analytics and strategy
  • App development & innovation and more

IBM serves literally all industries and because of the extensive nature of its services and branches, it’s considered the world’s best IT service provider.





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